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Thanks to our all clients for the kind words!

When my water line broke someone gave me Andy's number. He showed up to give me an estimate within a few hours, most others told me it would be at least the next day before they could even get here. He had his crew here early the next morning and they did a great job of putting in a new line for me. I had water at a good price before some other companies could even get here to give me a bid. They did a great job: very professional, great quality work, a good price, and they were quick. Quick counts for a lot when you've got no water. Great quality counts when the line should last many years.

Kevin A. Burien, WA

Thank you for you quick response to our waterline replacement. Your company exceeded our expectations on a complex project and we are now happy to be prepared for winter. We will gladly be recommending Akers Outdoor Plumbing to everyone we know.

Wayne M. / Seattle, WA

When my waterline broke my neighbor gave me Akers Outdoor Plumbing's phone number, he was highly recommended as the best and most trust worthy in the area. I gave them a call and he was right! The service was prompt, it took them a couple of hours to dig and replace the pipe. At the end my lawn was left as pretty as it was before the dig! Thanks to the Akers Team! I will highly recommend you to my friends and neighbors!

Manuela F. - Burien, WA

Traci and Andy, I want to thank you for the excellent response, service and quality in replacing my waterline. Initially I was very impressed that you called to let me know that Andy was running a few minutes late because of unexpected traffic, but when he started the work I became even more impressed. Andy must be part magician. My waterline does not have a simple run into our house. It first passes under a fence, a hedge, our lawn and then runs under a 2 foot high deck. Somehow he laid the entire line in one day, and my yard looked nicer when he was done that before he started. I could not give Akers Water a higher recommendation. You exceeded every expectation I had. Thanks,

Doug S. - Seattle, WA

I want to thank you again and highly recommend your water line repair services! As you know, I was very worried about the cost because the line I am responsible for is over 300 feet and we had no idea of the location of the leak. I was also concerned about the possibility of damage during the repair to my beautiful landscape or the landscaping of my neighbors whose property front is where the pipe is buried. Fortunately the leak ended up being under a grassy area in my yard. But it was most impressive how you excavated, removed the very large rock, replaced the leaking pipe, and put everything back so it was impossible to tell you had done any digging at all. The grass looked a little odd but really you did a great job putting the sod back exactly where it was too. Now, just a couple months later, the lawn has filled in completely and no one would ever know anything had been done in that spot. They would be very surprised to see the extent of the excavation.

Ronelle A. - Everett, WA

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